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Message  from  The  President




Japan Fūkiran Society is a nationwide organization of Fūkiran hobbyists and traders. There are currently 700 members. The predecessor is Dainippon Fūkiran Rengōkai (President, Seishichi Fujii) which was established in Shōwa 14 (1939), then the society name was changed to the present name in Shōwa 24 (1949). Fūkiran is one of the classical horticultural plants that has been passed down since the Edo period, so we are continuing the activities to convey the tradition and charm of this plant to future generations and also to develop them.

We have renewed our website as a place to offer correct information with the hope that the charm of Fūkiran will be conveyed and spread to more people. The site is planned to be updated and enriched with various announcements and joyful information such as introduction of varieties, basic knowledges, hobbyists’ columns, and so on. The purpose of this renewal is to develop the world of Fūkiran further, and in addition, to prevent the misinformation on the Internet, including auction fraud. Also taking an increase of Fūkiran hobbyists in South Korea (where many hobbyists already are), the United States, Russia, Europe, etc. into account, we expect this site will function as a tool for enjoying Fūkiran safely in overseas countries having little information and also as a tool that connects hobbyists of Japan and overseas.

The President of Japan Fūkiran Society, Hideki Shimizu...